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Hemosoft IT & Training Services (Turkey)

HEMOSOFTHemosoft is a R&D company which designs software and integrated electronic systems, provides training, project development and consultancy services. It is located at the METU-Techopolis supported by the METU-KOSGEB Technology Development Centre (TEKMER) and METU Software Development Center. The unique solutions created by Hemosoft in areas such as Blood Bank Management, transfusion and transfusion feedback have been used in many major medical facilities in Turkey. Hemosoft develops software solutions for many areas of the health sector which require high-tech facilities. In doing so, it creates new avenues of employment, provides training and consultancy services and also closely collaborates, on partnership and consultancy basis, with national and international companies, universities and scholars. It specifically operates in areas such as software, electronic system design, consultancy, project development, health architecture, educational health-related multimedia environment and turn-key restructuring projects. The projects realized up to date in the national and international arena, have received support from the United Nations, European Commission, TÜBİTAK (TİDEB-TEYDEB) and TTGV and have been nominated for technology awards of TÜSİAD, TİDEB and TTGV. Our professional team consists of project managers comprising medical doctors, biologists, industrial engineers, economists, business administration experts and an academic software group comprising electronics, mechanical and computer engineers who are experts on security and web-based software solutions..

Hacettepe University İhsan Doğramacı Children’s Hospital – Adolescent Unit (Turkey)

Hacettepe Univ.The unit has been serving as the first Adolescent unit in the Hacettepe University İhsan Doğramacı Children’s Hospital since 1965.  The unit assesses the psychological, sexual and psychosocial developments of the adolescents from 10 to 17 ages. The unit deals with height/weight problems, medical assessment of nutrition problems (Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa), obesity, sportsmen health, bone health, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstrual cycles, stress before menstrual cycles, hormonal problems, becoming excessive hairy, healthy sexual life, defining psychosocial risk factors, physical , sexual and psychosocial abuse. The treatment and prognosis are being conducted by university instructors..

Yeniden Health and Education Society (Turkey)

YenidenYeniden Health and Education Society is a civic initiation founded by psychiatrists, psychologists and educators. While interested in every psychological and social problem, the major areas of interest are addiction, psychological trauma and education. The aims of the society are:
1. To enable the development of a society composed of psychologically and physically healthy individuals.
2. To help the social, cultural and psychological development of individuals.
3. To increase the life standards of individuals.
4. Conducting research, delivering treatment and preventive services, developing and implementing educative programs to help the youth and adults to acquire new skills in order to cope with their psychological and social problems. 


 Moira Culturele Transfer and Transformation, The Netherlands

Moira CTT has 15 years of experience in both academic and practical issues of intercultural themes, which is compatible with the infrastructure of the project. Moira CTT is a network agency which has professional relations with many migrant groups, experts, agencies and healthcare research institutions on intercultural themes and topics in Netherlands. They have performed more than ten major intercultural projects in healthcare institutions, in the judicial system and education. Numerous training and coaching sessions were delivered to professionals by Moira CTT. They have presented several keynote speeches and many workshops on adolescent healthcare at congresses in Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. About twenty publications in Dutch, three in German and five in English are available by Moira CTT, on healthcare.

University of Bremen, Centre for Multimedia in Higher Education (ZMML), Germany


The Centre for Multimedia in Higher Education (ZMML) is a cooperatively operated competence centre for institutional technology, e-learning, multimedia solutions, applied information technologies and communications systems as well as communication networks and mobile networks. The main goal of the ZMML is e-transformation of individual and organisational learning, so as to reflect the needs of a knowledge economy and society and the potential of knowledge, information and learning technologies. It integrates the following departments of the university: Centre for Applied Information Technologies (ZAIT), Centre for Networks and Distributed Data Processing (ZfN), University Media Center, Bremen State and University Library, Center for Continuing Education (ZWB), Faculty of Media Informatics,  Bremen Institute for Education Research and the chair of “Digital Media in Education (DiMeB)”.Expertise in the field includes teleteaching, teachers training, computer supported collaborative learning, videoconferencing, use of learning management systems, authoring of learning modules, webdesign and many more. ZMML has experiences by participating or piloting in several projects at local, regional, national and trans-national levels. .

GFE Consulting (Germany)

GFEGFE Consulting Worldwide GmbH (GFE) developed over the last 25 years into a solid specialist providing worldwide advisory services in the field of International Technical and Economic Co-operation.  Vocational Training is considered as essential to help SMEs in developing countries improve their performance and to improve employment prospects for the people.  To reach this aim, GFE implemented, over more than 10 years, vocational training programmes in a number of countries on behalf of the Chamber of Crafts in Frankfurt (Handwerkskammer Rhein-Main).In these long-term projects, GFE designed and established vocational training centres and local Chambers of Crafts according to German model Chambers.  GFE introduced the dual system of professional training into the craft sector and developed curricula, legislation and administration to a European standard.